VI SIINTEC: Challenges in science, technology and innovation after COVID-19

The International Symposium on Innovation and Technology (SIINTEC) has been happening since 2015 and this year the 6 ͭ ͪ edition, held by SENAI CIMATEC, will occur from October 21 till 23. The main point is providing the opportunity of reuniting the scientific and technological community to discuss innovation, researches and advances promoted by the pandemic period and draw applicable conclusions to society’s new routine.

The 6 ͭ ͪ  SIINTEC is focused on discussing challenges in science, technology and innovation after COVID-19. We had to make changes and find immediate solutions to keep people together, now this connection provides us the opportunity of having qualified participants from all over the world sharing and building knowledge.

The approved papers are published in the yearbook and have registration under the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICTI), ), ISSN 2357-7592. This publication count on specific sessions, divided as Modeling and Industrial Technology, Management and Industrial Technology,Engineering and Sustainable Development, and it supports us of having an overview about the adherence and repercussion of the event among the academic environment.

The event’s theme does not exclude articles from other areas. Everyone can participate as long as the articles are related to: Engineering, Modeling and Industrial Technology, Sustainable Development or Industrial Management.

Join us: doity.com.br/siintec-2020

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